Our curriculum is guided and designed around the student’s interests to keep them engaged in the classroom. The delivery is intended to create a lifelong relationship with music, and bring them greater cultural awareness.

Our classes are taught by working musicians, which allow the students to learn important musical lessons used in the real world, as well as gain knowledge of music as a career from a professional.

Beat 4 Beat’s curriculum, teaching staff, and program management focus on providing high-quality instruction and generating enthusiasm and engagement in students. The end of term goal is performing together on stage during special showcases, featuring student bands alongside local and national artists.

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Students will launch their own platforms as a way to share their voice, connect them with role models and mentors in their communities, and encourage financial literacy and generational wealth.  Activities include podcast production, music production, audio/video editing & sound design, public speaking, branding, and marketing. 

Sample: Cook Town w/ Jessie

BEATS – Digital Music Programming

Software is a new musical instrument. Students learn to manipulate the program, have a solid understanding of music theory, math skills, and create their own music.


Music Academy

Music Academy gets students started on musical concepts such as rhythm, pitch, and melody, and start playing in a group setting.  Students are also exposed to real instruments, learn songwriting basics, sing-along to popular songs and make DIY instruments using items found in the household.

Rock Band

Students form their own band and learn to work together as a cohesive team, while learning song writing and arrangement, performance, and instrument of choice.  Students learn guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and voice.  


Students work as a group on basic through advanced drum kit techniques.  Students will learn on practice pad kits and bucket drums, as well as a real acoustic drum kits.


Students work as a group on basic through intermediate piano/keyboard skills including proper techniques and learning popular songs.


Students work as a group on basic through intermediate guitar skills including parts of the guitar, tuning, strumming, chords, and learning songs.

Customized Programs

Beat 4 Beat is happy to provide lessons and programs on a variety of instruments that fit your needs.  Other classes taught include voice/choir, recorder, and ukulele.  Our instructors can also teach strings, brass and woodwind.